Are you hoping to start your own business in Plymouth, but are a bit nervous about going it completely alone?  The etyres tyre fitting franchise in Plymouth could be the perfect vehicle for you to turn your dream into reality.

We have been operating since 1992 and our mobile tyre fitting franchise for sale in Plymouth offers the chance to buy into a tried-and-tested business model which is operating successfully across the UK.


An etyres franchise gives you the opportunity to run a business for yourself, but not by yourself. We can help you develop a prosperous business and secure your financial future. The etyre Plymouth branch stretches out to cover a wide area, including St Austell, Padstow, Tintagel, St Giles on the Heath, Bodmin Launceston, Tavistock and Princetown.  Plus, with close to 290,000 vehicles registered in the area and more than 250,00 households, it is plain to see there is enormous potential to build a thriving business.
Previous experience in the auto industry is not necessary.  The new owner of etyres Plymouth will embark on our comprehensive training programme. This encompasses hands on work experience and mentoring alongside one of our most successful branches. You will be taught how to fit tyres, batteries, service and replace Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, fit Tyron safety bands, remove locking wheel nuts and carry out puncture repairs. Our programme also includes training in all the marketing, finance, sales and IT skills you need to operate your branch.
The new owner of etyres Plymouth will enjoy many other benefits of being part of our award-winning franchise, including receiving ongoing support when the branch is up and running.  Crucially, success will be achieved by the new owner of etyres Plymouth demonstrating a willingness to adopt our proven business formula.  Also required is the ability to use your initiative, work hard and focus on providing excellent customer service.
If you need to secure funding to finance your venture we can also help with that.  The leading high street backs, including HSBC, Natwest, Lloyds and RBS recognise our proven track record. This means prospective etyres franchise owners often find it easier to get their backing, then someone starting a business from scratch.  We are able to assist you with putting together a comprehensive business plan to present to the bank.

Franchise Area Postcodes

PL1 1, PL1 2, PL1 3, PL1 4, PL1 5, PL10 1, PL111 2, PL11 3, PL12 4, PL12 5, PL12 6, , PL13 1, PL13 2, PL14 3, PL14 4, PL14 5, PL14 6, PL15 7, PL15 9, PL16 0, PL17 7, PL17 8, PL18 9, PL19 0, PL19 8, PL19 9, PL2 1, PL2 2, PL2 3, PL20 6, PL20 7, PL21 0, PL21 9, PL22 0, PL23 1, PL24 2, PL25 3, PL254, PL25 5, PL26 6, PL26 7, PL26 8, PL27 6, PL27 7, PL28 8, PL29 3, PL3 4, PL3 5, PL3 6, PL30 3, PL30 4, PL30 5, PL31 2, PL31 2, PL32 9, PL33 9, PL34 0, PL35 0, PL4 0, PL4 6, PL4 7, PL4 8, PL4 9, PL5 1, PL5 2, PL5 3, PL5 4, PL6 5, PL6 6, PL6 7, PL6 8, PL7 1, PL7 2, PL7 4, PL7 5, PL8 1, PL8 2, PL9 0, PL9 7, PL9 8, PL9 9
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