Looking to start your own business in Bournemouth, but don’t want to go it completely alone? How about investing in a mobile tyre fitting franchise, which already has a solid reputation in the south of England?

etyres Bournemouth is a van-based turnkey operation that could be up-and-running and generating income within weeks. Could you see yourself in the driving seat..?

Based on a tried-and-tested formula our service has provided a springboard to success for committed branch owners since the mid-1990’s. The owners of etyres Portsmouth were our first franchise owners and have been with us since 1996. They have also expanded to take on etyres Southampton.  The new owners of our tyre fitting franchise for sale in Bournemouth can look forward to great neighbourly support!
Our mobile tyre fitting service appeals to customers from all walks of life, along with fleet operators and the contract hire industry. The new owner of etyres Bournemouth will be buying into a business which literally takes the fitting centre to the customers door, delivering a wide range of services, including puncture repairs, TPMS service and replacement and battery fitting.
Previous experience in the auto trade is not necessary, because our training programme incorporates all aspects of running your branch. The technical training takes place on a one-to-one basis with an operating etyres branch.  Accountancy, marketing, sales, IT and database management skills are also covered extensively during the second leg of the programme.
Bournemouth has a strong local economy and two excellent universities. Its reputation as one of the UK’s fastest growing digital economies is attracting a dynamic workforce. Meanwhile the surrounding areas, including Ferndown and Christchurch remain popular due to the excellent range of lifestyle amenities on offer, including golf and sailing. All of this feeds into increasing demand for a mobile tyre fitting service from discerning customers who want to save time, hassle and also money.
The exclusive geographical territory stretches out to Fording, Hindon, West Lulworth and Dorchester and Christchurch. With more than 300,000 households in the area and an estimated 390,000 vehicles, which will all need replacement tyres, the potential to develop into a multi-van territory is strong.
With an etyres franchise you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. From the outset, if you need to secure finance to fund your investment, we can help you create a business plan and bank funding application. Then, as you embark on your running your branch, we offer continual support when it is needed to help you achieve your goals

Franchise Area Postcodes

BH1 1, BH1 2, BH1 3, BH1 4, BH10 4, BH10 5, BH10 6, BH10 7, BH11 8, BH11 9, BH12 1, BH12 2, BH12 3, BH12 4, BH12 5, BH136, BH13 7, BH14 0, BH14 8, BH14 9, BH15 1, BH15 2, BH15 3, BH15 4, BH16 5, BH16 6, BG17 0, BH17 7, BH17 8, BH17 9, BH18 8, BH18 9, BH19 1, BH19 2, BH19 3, BH2 5, BH2 6, BH20 4, BH20 5, BH20 6, BH21 1, BH21 2, BH21 3, BH21 4, BH21 5, BH21 6, BH21 7, BH21 8, BH22 0, BH22 8, BH22 9, BH23 1, BH23 2, BH23 3, BH23 4, BH23 5, BH23 6, BH23 7, BH23 8, BH24 1, BH24 2, BH24 3, BH24 4, BH 25 5, BH25 6, BH25 7, BH3 7, BH31 6, BH4 8, BH4 9, BH5 1, BH5 2, BH6 3, BH6 4, BH6 5, BH7 6, BH7 7, BH8 0, BH8 8, BH8 9, BH9 1, BH9 2, BH9 3, DT1 1, DT1 2, DT1 3, DT11 0, DT11 7, DT11 8, DT11 9, DT2 7, DT2 8, SP3 5, SP3 6, SP5 5, SP6 1, SP6 3, SP7 0, SP7 8, SP7 9, SP8 4, SP8 5
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