Are you looking for a new business venture in Cardiff, which will allow you to start making money immediately? If so etyres Cardiff is a mobile tyre fitting franchise which will guarantee you exactly that! After being successfully run for five years, it is desperately in need of a new owner to keep servicing loyal customers and take the branch to the next level.

Going into business with a franchise still requires a lot of hard work and commitment, but it definitely makes the challenge easier and reduces the risk of failure. So here are just some of the advantages of taking on etyres Cardiff:

For a start etyres Cardiff is not being offered as a resale, which means there is no premium to pay. Just the standard fee.  So the new owner of this established tyre fitting franchise in Cardiff is getting an absolute bargain.
Sadly the previous owners, a delightful couple, stepped back from the business to care for an elderly relative and to ease themselves into retirement. But not before building up a tremendously loyal customer base and excellent reputation for offering a reliable and reputable service. Hence, all this trading history and goodwill will help to ensure the continued growth of the branch.
Along with this, the new owner of etyres Cardiff will also benefit from all the other traditional advantages of being part of a franchise, including extensive training, ongoing support and use of a proven business formula.
etyres has been operating for more than 20 years and has the distinction of being the UK’s first leading online mobile tyre fitting retailer.  First of all, we offer customers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to garages and tyre depots.  We also supply and fit batteries, carry out puncture repairs and offer a host of other tyre-related services.
You don’t need experience in the motor trade, just the right attitude, commitment to hard work and determination to succeed.   This is because we provide a comprehensive training programme, covering everything from fitting tyres and batteries to accountancy and marketing. As a result, if you take on our tyre fitting franchise in Cardiff, you will be taught how to run your own branch.
We can also help you secure funding for your exciting new venture. Furthermore, all the leading banks, including Natwest, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS are familiar with our tried-and-tested business operation.

Franchise Area Postcodes

CF10 1, CF10 2, CF103, CF104, CF10 5, CF11 0, CF11 6, CF11 7, CF11 8, CF11 9, CF14 0, CF14 1, CF14 2, CF14 3, CF14 4, CF14 5, CF15 6, CV14 7, CF14 9, CF15 8, CF23 5, CF23 6, CF23 7, CF24 0, CF24 1, CF24 2, CF24 3, CF24 5, CF3 0, CF3 1, CF3 2, CF3 3, CF3 4, CF3 5, CF3 6, CF31 1, CF31 2, CF31 3, CF31 4, CF31 5, CF32 0, CF32 9, CF33 4, CF33 6, CF35 5,  CF35 6, CF36 3, CF36 5, CF5 1, CF5 2, CF5 3, CF5 4, CF5 5, CF5 6, CF61 1, CF61 2, CF62 3, CF62 4, CF62 5, CF62 6, CF62 7, CF62 8, CF62 9, CF63 1, CF63 2, CF63 3, CF63 4, CF64 1, CF64 2, CF64 3, CF64 4, CF64 5, CF71 7, CF72 8, CF72 9, CF83 1, CF83 2, CF83 3, CF83 8
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