Be your own boss with a turn-key, van-based etyres franchise in Edinburgh. Our mobile tyre fitting service is already well-known in this thriving city. Now we need the right calibre of franchise owner to take on etyres Edinburgh and realise its full potential.

You don’t even need experience in the auto industry, we offer all the training and on-going support you need to get up and running.

etyres has been operating for more than 20 years and has the distinction of being the UK’s first leading online mobile tyre fitting retailer.  We offer customers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to garages and tyre depots.  We also supply and fit batteries, carry out puncture repairs and offer a host of other tyre-related services.
This is great time to invest in a business in Edinburgh. Named as the UK’s most attractive city to live and work in, this vibrant city has a diverse economy, increasing population and strong employment rate.  All of this feeds into demand for our mobile tyre fitting service.
Most etyres owners start out as a single van operation.  However, because every branch has its own wide and exclusive geographical area there is tremendous potential to expand into a multi-van operation.  etyres Edinburgh not only covers the city, but also stretches out to incorporate the surrounding towns and villages, including Abercorn, Leith, Broxburn, Danskine, Heriot and Carlops.
You don’t need experience in the motor trade, just the right attitude, commitment to hard work and determination to succeed.   This is because we provide a comprehensive training programme, covering everything from fitting tyres and batteries to accountancy and marketing. As a result, if you take on our tyre fitting franchise in Edinburgh, you will be taught how to run your own branch.
Our franchise owners enjoy peace of mind knowing they have the continued support of Head Office and our experienced operations team. We strive to keep introducing new initiatives to stay at the forefront of the industry. Plus, with a wealth of expertise in dealing with issues franchise owners can face, we can help resolve most problems.
We can also help you secure funding for your exciting new venture. Furthermore, all the leading banks, including Natwest, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS are familiar with our tried-and-tested business operation.  They look favourably on lending to our franchise owners due to our proven track record.

Franchise Area Postcodes

EH1 1, EH1 2, EH1 3, EH10 4, EH10 5, EH10 6, EH10 7, EH11 1, EH11 2, EH11 3, EH11 4, EH12 0, EH12 5, EH12 6, EH12 7, EH12 8, EH12 9, EH13 0, EH139, EH14 1, EH14 2, EH14 3, EH14 4, EH14 5, EH14 6, EH14 7, EH15 1, EH15 2, EH15 3, EH16 4, EH16 5, EH16 6, EH17 7, EH17 8, EH18 1, EH19 2, EH19 3, EH2 1, EH2 2, EH2 3, EH2 4, EH20 9, EH21 6, EH21 7, EH21 8, EH22 1, EH22 2, EH22 3, EH22 4, EH22 5, EH23 4, EH25 9, EH26 0, EH26 8, EH26 9, EH27 8, EH28 8, EH29 9, EH3 5, EH3 6, EH3 7, EH3 8,  EH3 9, EH30 9, EH31 2, EH32 0, EH32 9, EH33 1, EH332, EH34 5, EH35 5, EH36 5, EH37  5, EH38 5, EH39 4, EH39 5, EH4 1, EH4 2, EH4 3, EH4 4, EH4 5, EH4 6, EH4 7, EH4 8, EH40 3, EH41 3, EH41 4, EH42 1, EH5 1, EH5 2, EH5 3, EH6 4, EH6 5, EH6 6, EH6 7, EH6 8, EH7 4, EH7 5, EH7 6, EH8 7, EH8 8, EH8 9, EH9 1, EH9 2, EH9 3
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