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etyres Middlesbrough launched by father and son team

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We are delighted to welcome father and son team, Tony and Luke Little, to the etyres nationwide network as they launch etyres Middlesbrough.

Faced with a challenging economic climate in their home town, they decided to pool their resources and go into business together in order to build a solid future for themselves and the entire family.

Tony explained: “I could see my industry was sinking into the doldrums and I realised that my work as a health and safety consultant was going to dry up pretty soon.

“Meanwhile our eldest son Luke had started studying for a degree in engineering, but again he realised the petrochemical industry he wanted to work in was also taking a hit. He could have continued his studies, but it would have meant graduating with a massive debt and still struggled to find the right job.

“So we started chatting about how we were both at a crossroads and it made sense to try and find a way forward together.”

After this realisation, came the challenge of finding something that they could get fully involved in, using all their combined skills, ambition and sheer determination.

Tony continued: “Franchising made sense right from the start, because although we wanted to start our own business, we recognised that we would need a level of support to help us built a strong, local business.

“etyres made sense as a business model right from the start. Why wouldn’t everyone want to have their tyres or battery fitted at their home or work instead of trudging off to a garage, wasting time and haggling over prices!

“We have a lot of plans for the future, but we are going to take it one step at a time. Steady, strategic growth is what counts and with the support of the etyres Head Office we are confident we can build a solid future for our family.”

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