Choosing the right franchise is a huge decision and with so many to consider it can be very daunting. That is why it is important to hear the views of existing franchisees, particularly those who have been running their business for many years, to help you make the most informed choice.

In a frank interview with, the owner of etyres Worthing has given an insight into his daily routine and explained how he has made a success of running his branch for more than 15 years.

Like many etyres franchise owners, Steve Balut has had no hesitation renewing his commitment to our mobile tyre fitting service every five years and admits if he had to make the choice all over again he would do the same.

Steve, 55, joined etyres after opting to take redundancy from the banking sector and credits organisation, efficiency and service as key factors in running a successful branch. “I was looking for something completely different where I could be my own boss and operate autonomously,” he explained. “The motor industry combined work with personal interest. This franchise allowed operation with the least amount of interference than other options.”

As well as detailing what a typical day would involve, Steve also identifies one of the main challenges of running your own business as having to “cope with all crises that arise. Van breakdowns, deliveries not turning up, awkward customers, customer no shows, supplier problems etc etc etc. Organising yourself and your time is always a challenge as well.”

And the most invaluable piece of advice he has to offer anyone else considering taking on a franchise is: “Research, research, research! Make sure the franchise you are looking at is right for you. Expect long hours and you will reap what you sow. In other words, you get out what you put in, and don’t expect anything on a plate!”

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