James Green and Lovedeep Jassad from London based digital marketing agency 4Ps Marketing spent the day getting to know every aspect of a local etyres branch from fitting tyres, undertaking local marketing activities and offering excellent service. The day was spent with Franchise Owner, Oleg, an investor from Lithuania who is enjoying a great start to his tenure with etyres. Oleg’s branch is thriving and he is reaping the benefits from investing in our trusted and ever growing brand.

The day’s adventures began with a photoshoot at 4P’s Islington office and then the newly formed team were off to their first job; a possible puncture in Loughton. Once the boys had learnt about how to identify whether the puncture could be repaired or not they set off to promote etyres East London to the customers’ neighbours using the old fashioned yet highly effective marketing tool of leaflet distribution.

Next on the agenda was a full tyre change, watch the video below to see Oleg’s skills in practice:

Both Head Office and etyres customers were able to follow the above video and photos along with every step of their day through live updates posted on twitter using #4psatwork. To keep up to date with more adventures, industry updates and relevant news follow @etyresfranchise on twitter

Not only was this day an effective educational experience to ensure our digital partners fully understand what is involved in the daily activities of an etyres Franchise Owner, but it also proved to be highly beneficial, through the sharing of expertise and also in raising the etyres brand presence on social media.

We leave the final word to etyres East London Franchise Owner, Oleg, who said “It was great having the 4Ps guys with me for the day, they really got involved with my day to day tasks and helped me with the local marketing I do between and at jobs; they even got me a thank you cake!”

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