etyres has recently launched a new initiative based on improving the engagement and communication of marketing activities within its thriving franchise network. The etyres engage marketing forums benefit Franchise Owners within the etyres network in a number of ways.

  • Gives a voice! The forums open up a direct, face to face communication channel between the marketing decision makers and the network.
  • Feedback effectively! The forums allow Franchise Owners to feedback both ideas and constructive criticism to any active or planned marketing initiatives.
  • Platform to share! The forums allow Franchise Owners to interact and share ideas with other Franchise Owners in the area of marketing at local level.
  • Collaborate together! The forum allows Franchise Owners to work together on different promotional and marketing activities both in the area of resource and cost.
  • Learn and develop! The forum is a fantastic platform for learning and development in the area of marketing and also for gaining and understanding of the overall marketing strategy of etyres.

The forums are held quarterly and to ensure that all Franchise Owners have a local venue to attend are located across the country in Carlisle, Manchester, Peterborough, Gatwick and Swindon.

Franchise Network Sales Manager Colin Budden commented “I fully believe in giving our Franchise Owners an opportunity to feedback to the marketing team, when a Franchise Owner feels they are part of the overall process they are more likely to engage with an idea or initiative. The first forums were held in September and over 40% of the network attended an event”.

At each forum both Colin and etyres Marketing Manager Clive Edwards are present to both coach, development, inform and feedback dependant on the subject matter. Franchise Owners are encouraged however to lead their own forum and use the representatives from Head Office as a sounding board rather than a lead.

At the conclusion of each forum a list of takeaways are drawn up which include the opportunity to gain feedback from the etyres senior management team, adding additional value the format.

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