We are delighted to welcome Colin Budden to the etyres Head Office team as he takes up the new position of franchise network sales manager.

In his new role, Colin will help our Franchise Owners maximise their sales and expand their business to its full potential, which will in turn promote growth across our nationwide network.

Colin has worked in the franchise industry for 20 years and has experience dealing with a diverse range of businesses, from frozen food to drain cleaning.

He explained: “I am really looking forward to working with etyres Franchise Owners. My role is to help everyone set out clear goals and work with them to make sure they can achieve their targets.

“This is a very exciting industry, because there are more than 34 million cars on the UK roads and at some point they all need new tyres, which puts us in a strong position.

“The service we offer appeals to customers who want a high level of service and competitive prices and our brand has a growing reputation for delivering both.

“I will be working closely with the Franchise Owners to really identify the areas they can capitalise on, whether it is targeting local businesses or promoting greater brand awareness of our service in their area.”

Colin will also be able to channel successful ventures and ideas between the Franchise Owners. “If someone has a great idea that leads to more business or better operating procedures, I want to be able to drive that initiative out across the network so that everyone can reap the benefit.

“I think this is a very important aspect of my role. The fact that we are a nationwide network gives us more clout and credibility and if we can communicate and channel our successful initiatives it enhances the etyres brand and every individual branch.”

Colin has already identified several ways in which he can help branches make improvements. “A lot of my work will centre around marketing,” Colin continued. “Marketing is vital to your success and if you are not going to actively engage you are not going to have a profitable business.

“I will help Franchise Owners set out clear goals and work with them to make sure they can achieve their targets, whether they are counting the number of tyres fitted in a week or the pounds earned.”

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