etyres has been invited to take part in a comprehensive trial into the vehicle tracking software supplied by the RAC, one of the UKs leading breakdown services.

We are putting the RAC Telematics system through its paces in a study to provide data on the features and benefits of installing the small box to a fleet of vehicles.

The information gleaned from the trial will also be shared throughout the entire etyres network to help our Franchise Owners cut motoring costs and potentially reduce their carbon footprint.

Alex Kapadia, etyres operations manager and owner of etyres Luton, which is trialling RAC Telematics, said: “This is a great opportunity for the etyres network. We are delighted to be able to assist the RAC and will also be able to help our network reap the benefits of using this vehicle tracking software.

“The study, which will last for six months, will initially raise any issues with driver behavior, such as hard-braking, hard-accelerating and speeding. This will allow us to promote positive driver behavior to cut motoring costs, by making our vehicles more fuel efficient and reducing wear and tear on expensive parts, such as tyres and brakes.

“Improving driving standards has another associated benefit of assisting us to improve our company-wide insurance premium by maintaining a good claims history. Better drivers equate to less accidents and lower premiums.

“Another added benefit of taking part in this research is that it will help us to promote greener driving, potentially shrinking our CO2 emissions by encouraging unnecessary journeys and upping fuel efficiency.”

etyres, the UK’s first online mobile tyre fitting company, has a history of working hand-in-hand with some of the leading brands in the country, including Sainsbury’s. We have joined forces with the leading supermarket to routinely offer free tyre safety checks at its store carparks.

We also run a very popular Corporate Partners Programme, which includes some of the names in UK business, who have signed up to our scheme to offer their employees and members a discount when they use our mobile tyre fitting service.

These are just a handful of the initiatives etyres employs to promote better business practice and more sales for its nationwide network of Franchise Owners.

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