The world of franchising is as diverse as it is dynamic, and offers a wealth of tempting opportunities. However, one of the fundamental priorities for ensuring your success is to make sure you buy into business that won’t go out of fashion.

For example, frozen yoghurt might be the hottest treat on the high street one minute, before turning into a sour opportunity when consumer tastes change the next.

As well as consumer trends, changing market conditions and external economic forces also play a large part in determining which franchises are hot and which are not.

That is why it is vital that you pick an industry that demonstrates it is sustainable, profitable and can evolve with the times.

Mobile franchises are becoming increasingly popular because they offer great benefits for savvy consumers who want to save time and money, as well as the Franchise Owner.

Investing in a mobile business means you can launch your branch without saddling yourself with rent, rates and the additional costs associated with taking on premises.

etyres, an award-winning brand leader in the mobile tyre and battery fitting industry, is a prime example. Its Franchise Owners initially launch their branch with just their van, which is kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment, keeping operating overheads low. The advantage of having lower overheads means it is easier for you to invest and re-invest in your business to ensure a steady growth.

After an initial period of trading successfully, as their franchise grows and expands, many etyres Franchise Owners decide to take on suitable premises to accommodate their expansion of work and staff. This has proved to be the case for our top five branches, which average an annual turnover of £750,000, have five staff and four vans and have been in business for eight years.

Its low overheads mean etyres can keep prices highly competitive for customers and this has played a key role in its tremendous success. Great prices, combined with a convenient mobile fitting service, have helped etyres build an extensive and loyal customer base since its launch in 1992 and are two vital factors in its continuing growth.

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