Price is a key factor when it comes to choosing new tyres, which is why we have introduced our etyres discount promise to appeal to new and existing customers.

In-depth market research and customer feedback have played a role in our decision to offer a permanent discount commitment of up to £25 to keep our prices highly competitive.

Our low prices are vital to ensure our existing customers remain loyal to their local branch and that we also continue to attract new business.

Many of our customers are influenced more by our free mobile tyre fitting service than our low prices, however, we recognise that it is important to strike a balance to achieve continued success for the etyres brand.

Clive Edwards, etyres marketing manager, commented: “We want our new discount promise message to be synonymous with the etyres brand.

“While we have built our nationwide reputation on our core business values of honesty, reliability and professionalism, we also strive continuously to ensure our prices highly competitive, so that our customers can rest assured they get the benefit of our free mobile tyre fitting service and unbeatable value for money.”

We have designed high quality marketing collateral to promote the new campaign, including leaflets and van signs, and are also promoting the discount promise online through our website, social media channels and direct emailing.

The etyres discount promise entitles customers to £25 off when they buy four new tyres or £10 if they order two or three tyres. The discounts apply to all the tyres we supply and fit, whether they are economy, mid-range or premium brands, such as Bridgetstone and Michelin.

On top of this, we already constantly compare tyre prices with our competitors to make sure our customers are getting the best value for money when it comes to tyres and to ensure our tyres are competitively priced we collate over 5,500 prices from across the industry.

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