We have just completed a hectic week of well-attended bi-annual regional meetings which were packed with updates, announcements and new targets to ensure the continuing success of the etyres brand.

Almost 50 branches took part in the events held at venues in Cambridge, Croydon, Swindon, Coventry and Leeds and heard presentations from the company’s Senior Management Team.

The agenda focused on key issues including sales, network growth and introductions to 12 new Franchise Owners, departmental updates and details of new industry and company-wide initiatives.

Clive Edwards, etyres Marketing Manager, explained: “The aim of these meetings is to keep an effective and productive avenue of communication open between Head Office and all our Franchise Owners. It is highly important to harvest continued communication within the network, which is why we have six events each year at which Franchise Owners can communicate face to face with Head Office.

“Subjects focused on included everything from the performance of our marketing campaigns and the successes of the national sales team, to the affects Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) will have on the tyre industry and capitalising on our increasing online sales and conversion rates.”

The etyres Senior Management Team delivered presentations and answered questions about all aspects of the business, including IT, finance and marketing and were delighted to have the opportunity to continue more informal chats over a buffet dinner.

Edwards continued: “The regional meetings form a key part of our efforts to maintain effective avenues of communication with all our Franchise Owners. We also host etyres engage, our marketing forums, which encourage active participation from the Franchise Owners in developing new initiatives and expanding schemes to increase sales and boost brand awareness.

“One of the major advantages of investing in a franchise is that you are part of a much bigger organisation with everyone focused on growing your business, whether they are based at Head Office on in neighbouring branches. Sharing contacts, ideas and advice all related to your business really helps to develop a camaraderie as well as boosting the etyres brand and generating new business across the nationwide network.”

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