Choosing a franchise which allows you stand out from the major, big name players in an industry will help you on the road to success, that is the theme of etyres Managing Director Tony Bowman’s latest Elite Franchise magazine column.

Under the headline “Franchisees should embrace the power of the personal touch: making an extra effort with customers can spell the difference between a franchise that merely survives and one that thrives”, the article demonstrates how etyres continues to put this mantra into effect.

Citing a recently example, Tony writes in the February issue: “A simple online car-batter order placed with our Reading branch perfectly demonstrates how franchisees can deliver the kind of service that will inspire customer loyalty, attract recommendations and put money in the bank.

“All it took was a short note in the special instructions box that read: “Please fit ASAP: our autistic son is having a major meltdown because of it.” Immediately picking up on this plea for help, our franchisee called his customer and arranged to fit a new battery with an hour. She was so relieved and appreciate that she wrote to tell us we had “prevented a disastrous couple of days”.

A franchise offers the perfect opportunity to run a top-brand business, but with a personal touch that should inspire loyalty and therefore future business and security for your venture.

Tony continues: “Being your own boss requires you to think beyond the initial pay cheque. You look ahead to the next order you’ll get from a loyal customer or the countless word-of-mouth recommendations they will give. Having a customer-care ethos that will make a business stand out, and yet it costs nothing. All you have to do is give your customers the same treatment you would want your own family to receive.

“This is the spirt that can set a good franchise apart from a major, industry-dominating brand. Massive marketing departments and enormous advertising budgets cannot create loyalty for repeat business as effectively as a phone call offering immediate help or an out-of-hours appointment.”

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