The workplace is definitely changing: automation, overseas competition, new skill sets required, even the official state pension age goalposts being repeatedly altered, these things all influence how and where we work these days.

However, franchising is a way you can exercise more control over your future, not just in terms of earning a living, but the other rewards it can bring. Being your own boss is not about deciding when you can clock on and off, it is about establishing a successful business, so you can build a secure future for you and your family.

This was the theme of our Managing Director Tony Bowman’s column for the May edition of the popular Elite Franchise magazine. Tony wrote: “Rising life expectancy and the pushing back of the age of retirement could have a really significant effect on the vitality of the franchise industry. Just as redundancy packages once provided an incentive for more people to enter franchising, now the need to keep earning a living is a providing a new and exciting impetus.”

An etyres franchise is an excellent vehicle whether you are just out of further education and fresh into labour market or reaching the point where once you might have been expecting to take it a bit easier, but now that is no longer a viable option.

We have franchise owners at both ends of the scale and our business model suits them all, offering a high level of training and continual on-going support, especially in evolving areas such as IT and social media.

As Tony explained: “There’s surely not such thing as a job for life, so the challenge is to find your niche sooner rather than later, start ploughing your own furrow and – continuing the farming analogy – grow your own business so you can reap the rewards for yourself in the future.”


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