We are delighted to welcome etyres newest Franchise Owner, Sukhbinder Singh to our nationwide network as he launches etyres Leicester.

After a hectic career in customer services and sales, Sukhi realised he needed to focus his attention on his own career and young family.

Now, following months of research and preparation, he has launched etyres Leicester and is on the road to securing a more rewarding future for his wife and their two young daughters.

“My background is in customer services and sales,” Sukhi, 34, explained. “I have worked for loan and telecom companies, I have also had a stint as a recruitment consultant, but I knew I wanted more from my career.

“I enjoy working hard, building a rapport with customers and getting the job done, but I was working crazy long hours and hardly spending any quality time with my family.

“This is a trap so many people fall into, but I wasn’t prepared to just accept the life I had, I wanted to achieve more.

“That’s when I decided I wanted to be my own boss and take control of my career. I wanted to be part of a franchise, because I was looking for the element of security and support it could offer.

“My first question to myself was “What do people buy, what do they have to buy and what can’t they live without?” The answer was “food, homes and cars”, the first two didn’t appeal to me, but I could see the fantastic potential in the cars, and particularly tyres, because people will always need them, even during a tough recession.

“Once I had narrowed it down this far, choosing etyres was easy, in fact it really stood out, because coincidentally I also needed new tyres while I was looking into franchises. I started thinking a mobile service would be perfect for people like me, too busy with my work and family to go to a garage, so I immediately recognised etyres has a great business model.”

He continued: “I didn’t have any experience in the motoring industry or running my own business, but etyres has made the whole start up process run extremely smoothly and my training has been really comprehensive. Now I just can’t wait to get on the road!”

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