This week gets off to a busy start for our newest Franchise Owner Mark Jackson as he begins his comprehensive training programme before launching etyres Huntingdon.

A mechanic since leaving school 18 years ago, Mark wanted a new adventure, something that would challenge him and keep his brain active! “With my engineering background, I always want to be stimulated by new developments,” he explained.

“I started working as a mechanic straight from school and I have even got my small workshop because working with cars is as much a hobby as a job for me.

“This is why it made sense for me to stay in the auto industry, but I also knew I wanted a business with a strong backbone, which is why franchising appealed to me. I knew if I chose the right opportunity and went with a reputable company it would give me the best possible start.

“etyres had been in the back of my mind for a few years, since I had first seen the banner advertising its mobile tyre fitting service in a field off the A1 close to my home. I remember Googling it and finding out it was a franchise and I suppose it just stayed in the back of my mind.

“Once I started to seriously think about having my own business, etyres really made sense for me. I am very interested in new tech, gadgets and gizmos and so I am really happy that we will be embracing emerging technology based around tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Onboard telemetry is going to be the way forward and etyres is already making plans to make sure it is ahead of the game.”

Mark, 33, is planning on capitalising on his experience and contacts in the automotive industry to launch his branch with a strong start. “I have been in touch with garage owners who I know from experience will benefit from using a mobile tyre fitting company.

“I understand how expensive and time consuming it can be if they have to waste time sending cars and staff to a fast fit depot to have new tyres fitted, whereas I can save them money and hassle by carrying out the work on their premises.

“I have had a very good response, because etyres presents a great impression from the start, with its smart vans and the Hoffman tools they are equipped with. Image is important because it helps to convey the fact you are professional and reliable and this is what helps to make you stand out as a business that is going to succeed, as opposed to being some guy in a battered van with greasy hands and dirty overalls who takes no pride in their work.”

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