Starting a new business can be daunting, especially if English is not your first-language. This is why investing in a franchise offers the perfect opportunity if you are hard-working and ambitious, but need support in the initial stages of setting up your venture and with on-going sales and marketing.

etyres has proved to be a winning career path for Franchise Owners who have come to the UK determined to build their own successful businesses. Originally from Lithuania, etyres East London Franchise Owner Oleg Iljasevic moved to the UK more than 17 years ago and worked hard to build a comfortable life for his family. It was while he was working long hours as the manager of a busy cleaning company that Oleg realised he should be running his own business and feel the benefits from the hard work he was putting in.

“The main thing that was holding me back was that my English was not perfect,” Oleg explained, “I was worried it could make it harder for me to get a business off the ground. That is one of the reasons why an etyres Franchise was perfect for me; it has a very professional national sales office which operates seven days-a-week and a website where customers can order any time of the day or night. This means I am guaranteed work without having to take phone calls and enquiries. Then once the orders have been passed on to me it is my job to make sure the customers get a great service so they will never go anywhere else for their new tyres!”

Oleg has shown great determination and commitment to building his business and is seeing the benefits with customers already returning and highly recommending his service. Before he launched etyres East London, Oleg spent time shadowing Marcin, who launched etyres Maidstone seven years after moving to the UK from Poland. Oleg recalls, “that is when I saw for myself how etyres supports its Franchise Owners and does everything possible to help us achieve our goals and make a success of our business. Since I launched my etyres East London branch I have been helped every step of the way by Head Office in all aspects of running my territory, from sales to marketing.”

Even applying for funding to launch his branch was easy, because etyres operate a business model with a proven track record, which the leading high street banks regard as a sound investment. Oleg added: “From the first time I came up to the Head Office everything felt right for me; the work, the company and the opportunity. I used to think the only choice I had was a job working for someone else or self-employment. With franchising I can run my own business and organise my work to suit my life, but I also have all the benefits of trading under a well-respected and trusted name. I am very happy I joined etyres. It has given me the chance to take charge of my life and my career.”

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