We are delighted to welcome Rahim Verjee to our expanding nationwide network as he launches etyres Croydon, with customers already booked in and ready to enjoy the benefits of his mobile tyre fitting service.

After two years of building up his own tyre shop with a growing database of customers and new business, Rahim thought his future was secure – until he had to negotiate the terms of a new lease with his landlord.

It was at this point that Rahim realised his bricks and mortar business was not going to be sustainable and spurred him into exploring alternative ventures. This quickly led to the discovery of the many advantages of owning an etyres franchise instead, including low overheads due to it being a mobile service.

Rahim explained: “I had been ready to walk away from the tyre business, because there was no way I could afford to offer my customers competitive prices with such steep overheads, but I was really enjoying the work so it seemed such a shame.

“Although I have always wanted to work for myself, I am a realist and I know how hard it is to establish a business from scratch. So I started looking at the possibility of joining a franchise, because I would benefit from the support and inbuilt reputation it comes with.

“As soon as I saw etyres on a franchise website I was really keen and the more I found out, the more convinced I was that this was the perfect fit for me.

“Right up until the point I launched etyres, I kept my original tyre business going, which has meant I have been able to let all my customers know that they can still count on low prices, but that from now on I will come to them to fit their tyres. Most of them can’t believe it! They are all very happy and I expect there will be a lot of familiar faces coming back to get their tyres from me in the future.”

Rahim admits that some of his friends and family questioned why he wanted to invest in a franchise business, instead of starting from scratch and putting his own name to his venture, and he has been very candid with his response.

“This is a very important investment for me and it was a big decision,” Rahim explained. “I can’t afford any mistakes and the more I found out about etyres the more I felt confident it was the right choice for me.

“An etyres franchise gives me opportunity to continue working in an industry I enjoy, but with the benefits of a team of experts in all fields, from finance to marketing and IT, to support me and help drive my business forward.

“Right from the initial meeting at the Head Office in Cambridge, I have been impressed with how smoothly and efficiently the team has operated and it has given me even more confidence knowing that I am going to be given this level of back up and guidance moving forward.”

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