Success stories

Whether you are facing redundancy, looking to change your career or you are simply tired of working for someone else, our success stories show how becoming an etyres franchise owner could make your dreams of running your own business a reality.

With over 40 franchises, we have trained, developed and supported franchisees from a range of backgrounds whether you are looking to build a family business like Jeremy and Victoria, looking to build a long-term business like Pam and Stuart, or you are looking to relocate like Ben.

Above are just a selection of the success stories we have had over the last 20 years. Investing in an etyres franchise really can put you on the path to becoming a successful business owner.

What makes an etyres franchise owner?

Before investing in any franchise it is important to ask yourself if it matches with your skill sets, lifestyle and aspirations. An etyres franchisee needs a range of skills and personality traits to help ensure their success.

Knowledge and experience within the tyre or automotive industry are an advantage but they are not vital as full training is given. Many franchise owners join with no previous experience, however a proactive and hard-working nature is vital for success, especially during the first year of business.

A successful business owner is someone who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. If you are someone who understands what it takes, and have the motivation to make your business succeed, you have the foundation of a winning franchise personality.

As a service based franchise strong interpersonal skills and a customer focused attitude will help you to build goodwill with your customers and gain their loyalty and trust.

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etyres Portsmouth case study

Of the many success stories throughout the etyres network, husband and wife team Stuart and Pam Cass have invested nearly two decades in building, expanding and benefiting from their thriving business after becoming the UK’s first mobile tyre fitting franchise owners.

Stuart explained: “When we started our branch back in 1996 mobile tyre fitting was virtually unheard of in our area and so we were able to offer a really unique service. At the time the business was focused on supplying and fitting tyres for the fleet and lease markets. We did very well and quickly turned our branch into a multi-van territory.” Back then the internet was still in its infancy, but Stuart recalls: “Head Office recognised the potential it had to offer and acted decisively to invest in the new technology and infrastructure that put us at the forefront of this new marketplace. The arrival of our etyres website made it much easier for us to start selling directly to regular vehicle owners who could enjoy the benefit of having their new tyres fitted at their home or work”. Today etyres Portsmouth continues to trade successfully, with the busy branch spreading along the south coast to cover the neighbouring town of Southampton.

“As more people go online to find the best deals we have seen rising web sales which have increased our business 100 per cent. Alongside this growth, Head Office has continued to invest heavily in keeping the website up-to-date and introducing new systems to make it easier and faster for customers to order, while also simplifying the work load for Franchise Owners. This allows us to focus on marketing our business in our local area to maximise brand awareness and sales. We have also enjoyed the benefit of having all the expertise we need to handle new opportunities, such as IT and digital marketing, on tap at Head Office.”

Stuart and Pam made a perfect partnership when they launched their business and set a high benchmark for the husband and wife teams who have continued to join etyres and opened their own branches. Stuart had served in the Royal Corps of Transport and had always been keen on cars, so when he came across etyres it seemed like a perfect fit for the new career and fresh challenge he was looking for. With no previous tyre fitting experience Stuart benefitted from the etyres Training program that not only covers the practical side of the business but also local marketing, accounts and sales training, an area that Pam really got stuck into. Today, while Pam continues to work in their office two days a week, Stuart is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business and deals with everything from admin to organising the daily schedules and orders for their three fitters. “We have worked very hard to build our business,” Stuart said, “it has survived tough economic times and our sales have continued to rise while so many other companies have been forced out of business. If I had to list the key attributes I think etyres Franchise Owners need to succeed I would say from experience they need to be practical, have good communication, management and numerical skills and finally patience!”

“We are extremely proud of the business we have grown and the loyal customer base we have built and retained. This focus on customer service has provided us with high levels of repeat orders from thousands of private customers and businesses such as couriers, the motor trade, even patient transport workers.”

Reflecting back on the years as an etyres Franchise Owner, Stuart added: “I don’t regret a moment of the time we have devoted to our franchise. I believed in the etyres concept in 1996 and I still do today.”

success stories

etyres Cambridge case study

Ben Lockett hit the ground running when he launched his etyres Cambridge branch in 2008 and quickly realised he had to get another van on the road to cope with the high demand for his service.

It came as no surprise to Ben that etyres was a sound business to be part of, because he had worked for his parents branch in Crewe for three years. But when they decided to retire from the franchise after seven happy years and Ben planned to relocate to Cambridge, it could have been the end of his journey with etyres.

However, etyres and its Franchise Owners forge strong bonds and with both sides keen to continue working together a perfect solution was found. The etyres Cambridge territory was vacant and so a swap of territories was arranged.

Ben said: “I knew how organised and efficient etyres Head Office was and let them lead the way. The change was seamless and I was up and running in the new territory within a matter of weeks.”

With all his hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of what was required to make an etyres franchise a success, Ben was keen to make his mark on the exciting new challenge he faced.

His familiarity with the etyres business model and its ethos meant that within a few months, Ben was doing so well that he needed to step up a gear and become a multi-van territory, buying a second vehicle and hiring a fitter to cope with the flood of orders.

Ben’s early success is due to sheer hard-work and determination to succeed, combined with etyres winning business formula and comprehensive support system for Franchise Owners.

His dedication to growing the business through local marketing activities is one of the key factors to his success. He has built up excellent local brand awareness and has seen a strong return on investment from activities such as local leafleting and targeted online advertising. All his efforts are supported by initiatives organised by the marketing team, such as the production of brand specific collateral, social media initiatives and national campaigns.

“The support that the Head Office team give me with sales and marketing has really helped me to drive the business forward,” Ben explained.

“Having a national sales team taking orders seven days a week means even if I miss a call when I am working, they step in to answer the phone and secure the sale.”

On average etyres Cambridge deal with over 80 customers a week and Ben and his team dominate etyres ‘most tyres per van’ ranking.

Ben said: “I can honestly say I have been flat out busy since day one and business is still going strong.”

etyres East London case study

We are delighted to have success stories across London and Oleg Iljasevic launched etyres East London in 2012 is no exception. Oleg has combined his drive and skills with our support and expertise to secure a successful future for himself and his family.

Originally from Lithuania, Oleg moved to the UK just over 17 years ago, but after working his way up to manager of a cleaning company, he knew he was capable of much more and started thinking about becoming his own boss. While Oleg was confident he could handle the physical challenges of running his own business, he recognised that he would need help and support in areas of communication.

“These are all reasons why etyres was an ideal Franchise for me,” Oleg explained: “My English is not perfect, but the Head Office sales team handles all the sales calls from customers and passes the orders over to me. It is then my job to offer excellent service so that the customers never want to go anywhere else and that is what I enjoy doing.”

Although the franchise industry is booming in the UK, and businesses have reported record highs in turnover and full time employment, it is not a familiar concept in Lithuania. “Most people either have a normal job or are just self-employed,” Oleg said, “but a franchise is so much more exciting. As a result of opening an etyres branch I have been able to see the benefits of working hard for me and my family whilst having the support of a national company behind me.”

“I didn’t have any experience in this industry, but I was given full training before I started and I learnt everything about tyre fitting and the skills I need to run my branch. Since I started trading I have also been able to get a lot of help from the Marketing, Sales and IT and Finance teams at Head Office.” Even applying for funding to launch his branch was easy, because etyres operate a business model with a proven track record, which the leading high street banks regard as a sound investment.

“I am very happy I joined etyres.” Oleg said. “It has given me the chance to take charge of my life and my career. From the first time I came up to the Head Office everything felt right for me. The work, the company and the opportunity – it has all been focused on helping me to build my own successful business.”

Oleg has followed the model and is now a multi-van franchise. In addition to that he has also brought his son into the business. Another great etyres success story!

etyres Slough case study

It has been a long and exciting journey for Keith and Jon since they launched etyres Slough back in 1997. The internet revolution, new tech, such as mobile phones and sat navs, even the emerging power of social media, have required a need to keep changing and evolving.

While not having to reinvent the wheel, they have certainly been polishing the hubcaps!

 Keith and Jon have executed their business plan over the last two decades with commitment and diligence and have set a shining example to the nationwide network of etyres Franchise Owners.

“Looking back it’s been good for us and I’ve really enjoyed it!” Jon said. “Running your own business keeps you motivated or desperate – or perhaps a bit of both! Whatever it is, it has been working for us.

“What we like about etyres is the fact that although it has grown, it has not turned into a corporate giant and we still feel we can work with Head Office to influence the way forward.

“Mutual respect is just as important as hard work, continued investment, new initiatives and updated systems.

“And a good franchisor-franchisee relationship is not about just towing the Head Office line or doing the bare minimum to get by. I always say franchise owners who have nothing to say must be millionaires, otherwise why aren’t they doing something to make things better!   There is always room for improvement and we must work together because we have a common goal.”

With three vans on the road and one on standby, Keith and Jon run a slick operation and work well as a team, making sure all aspects of the business are covered, from staying on top of invoicing to targeting new customers with engaging social media posts.

“We have really enjoyed working together, we bounce ideas off each other and share the positives as well as the problems,” Jon said.

They have embraced the additional avenues to substantially increase revenue such as responding swiftly to same day fleet work for the big players in the industry such as Fleet Tyre Network (FTN) and Actionline, even responding to emergency calls for new tyres from the Metropolitan Police.

Jon and Keith were originally attracted to the franchise partly because they recognised tyres will always play an integral role in all our lives. They are a necessity and this has proved to be a key to their continued success, allowing them to weather not just a recession, but also the current tough economic climate.

“In some ways the business has gone full circle. When we initially started we did a lot of lease work and we had to respond very quickly,” Jon explained. “Then we were there at the start of the internet revolution and as the first online tyre retailer we quickly began attracting customers who wanted the convenience of a mobile service, combined with low prices.

“Now with more competition in the mobile tyre fitting market, we are finding we can push ahead of our competitors because we can offer a quick response to same day requests.

“Time is a precious commodity and consumers want things quickly, they order online in a few minutes and don’t want to wait days for a fitting. They want a fast, response service with the flexibility to meet their needs and that is what we have adapted to be able to give them.

“These days it is not enough to have a good idea or a solid business platform, you have to keep driving forwards, pushing open doors to exciting new opportunities in order to make more money.”

Keith and Jon can vouch for the fact that etyres continues to offer on-going support to its Franchise Owners, long after the initial branch start-up process.

“Regular network meetings, an operations manager who provides that crucial link between Head Office and the branches, a hands-on marketing department, these are all helping us to drive forward,” Jon continued.

“There are always new challenges, using social media to attract more business, extending working hours, responding even faster to same day orders!

“We don’t want to stop developing and improving. We haven’t stood still for 20 years and we are not about to start now!”

etyres Newcastle case study

Husband and wife team Jeremy and Victoria Valentine achieved their ambition of starting their own business together when they launched etyres Newcastle and today their partnership is flourishing, read about one of the many success stories from northern etyres territories.

Since they opened their branch in March 2011 they have established themselves as popular local business owners, adding another van to their operation, hiring a full-time fitter and moving into a new office.

The couple have juggled raising two young children with establishing and building a successful business with a growing reputation that has led to exciting opportunities.

Jeremy and Victoria are one of an increasing number of couples who have started an etyres franchise, because the business is a perfect match for husband and wife teams. The business allows each partner to fulfil a challenging role and benefits from the passion and commitment of two people who are investing everything in their future.

Prior to getting married and having children, Jeremy and Victoria both worked for the same organisation, Jeremy as a sales manager and Victoria as a marketing manager. However, while Victoria was on maternity leave, the organisation was bought out by a larger company which resulted in Jeremy being made redundant and Victoria faced with the choice of returning to work full-time or accepting redundancy.

Victoria had no intention of returning to full-time work after giving birth to their first child, but they both had aspirations to build a solid and secure future for their growing family based on careers they enjoyed.

They were keen to work together, but wanted the freedom to dictate their own hours and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Jeremy and Victoria were attracted to the idea of buying a franchise after watching Victoria’s brother run a successful franchise for several years. The couple understood the benefits that come with being your own boss whilst remaining under the umbrella of an established business.

etyres appealed to both of them, especially Victoria who had woken up one morning to a flat tyre. Jeremy was working away and with a toddler and a new born baby on her hands the last thing she needed was a trip to a tyre depot.

She recalls: “I remember thinking wouldn’t it be brilliant if someone came to the house and changed the tyre rather than having to load the kids into the car and wait around in a garage for an hour!”

They recognised that an etyres franchise was a great opportunity to start a business that was proven to work and offered them exceptional support on their journey.

However, it also allowed them the freedom to use their skill sets in sales and marketing to really maximise the potential of their new business. Their partnership approach means that the workload is split, with Victoria typically spending all day in the office, focusing on admin and marketing initiatives, while Jeremy divides his time between the hands-on work of fitting tyres and selling to private customers and local businesses.
The couple have plans to further grow the business by employing more fitters and a member of office staff to allow them to focus on business development, marketing activities and spending more quality time with their children.

“Jeremy’s forte is sales, so he would like to be out there seeking the bigger contracts and securing the business for the future,” explains Victoria.

Another indicator that etyres was a perfect fit for the couple is that they both had a keen interest in the world of motorsport, following and attending touring car, motoGP and Formula One events.
The proof of their success in developing their business is plain to see. In their first months of trading the franchise was fitting between 120-180 tyres per month, that figure has now more than doubled to around 300-400 tyres.

Building awareness of the brand and the work that etyres Newcastle carry out has been central to Jeremy and Victoria’s success. They have invested time and resources in exhibiting at key events, such as the Durham Police Bikewise show, the Sunderland Air Show and the North East Expo.

A particular highlight for Jeremy and Victoria has been working with the Hairy Bikers and meeting the duo when they supplied tyres for their TV show on Tynemouth beach.

Jeremy and Victoria are a committed and motivated couple and etyres is delighted to be a professional match for them.

etyres Ipswich case study

At the age of just 21, Josh Wilkinson started his etyres franchise covering the Ipswich area. He has already started reaping the rewards of his hard work and ambition to succeed. He could not have done it without vital financial support from his parents, Phil and Alison, who helped turned his dreams of running his own business into reality.

“We are really delighted that we have been able to help Josh start his own business,” Phil explained. “Right from the start he impressed us with his approach to finding the right opportunity and we have every confidence in his commitment and ability to make it a success.”

Parents stepping in to help their children set up their own business is a trend which has been growing strongly during the last few years, at a time when the tough economic climate has had an impact on career opportunities. Many parents even regard business ownership as a better option for their children than a degree and the franchise industry is appealing because it offers a tried-and-tested formula, training, marketing, branding and on-going support – crucial to those new to business.

Speaking openly about why they were happy to loan their son the money to help him start his new venture, Phil, a stockbroker, said: “Josh left college with three A-levels and a desire to work hard. He has always been a practical, hands-on lad and decided not to go down the university route, instead he went off to work in Australia for a year. When he returned he got a job working long hours on a local farm along with setting up an internet business to raise some money to buy himself a good set of wheels – every lads priority! We have always instilled in our three children the fact that you have to work for most of your life, so choose something you enjoy. When he said he wanted to run his own business we encouraged him, we thought he was making the right decision to buy the etyres Ipswich franchise, being a resale opportunity it had a good customer base and a strong reputation in the area.”

Josh recognised tyres a sound industry to invest in, because people will always need new tyres and the branch offered a great opportunity with lots of potential for growth. Speaking about his responsibility towards his business and his parents, Josh said: “The challenge I face is to continue building brand awareness and increase the orders so that I can get a second van on the road as soon as possible.”

As well as the financial support, Josh has benefits from his mum Alison’s help with the administration side of the business and they share the accounts and marketing duties, but it is clear this is very much Josh’s business and he is determined to invest all his hard-work, initiative and determination into making it a big success.

His parents are equally confident their son has the right attitude to succeed. “The last few months since Josh started operating his branch have been busy and he has learned a lot, but he seems to have really turned a corner now,” Phil said. “He was really chuffed last month, because after the usual initial lean times you experience when you set up a new business, he was able to start ‘paying back his old dad’s loan’, obviously there will be challenging times ahead and running your own business is tough, but after all the hard work since leaving school he said he was now earning more in a day being his own boss than being told what to do by somebody else in a week and for Alison and I as parents, this is what it’s all about – him feeling good about his achievements and us being happy because we are helping our son make his way in life.”