Why choose an etyres mobile tyre fitting franchise?

An etyres franchise gives you the opportunity to become your own boss, create a better work-life balance and develop a prosperous business. The 36 million cars on the road in the UK also give the replacement tyre market a wealth of opportunities if you are hard-working, self-motivated and committed to delivering excellent customer service.

For more than 20 years a tried-and-tested formula has provided our network of franchise owners with a springboard to success, allowing them to reap the benefits of building their own business, while operating under an experienced and trusted brand in the tyre industry.

Once established, you are actively supported and encouraged to expand your business by adding more vans to your fleet.

What’s included in the franchise?

As a new etyres franchise owner you will gain an exclusive territory. This assures you that sales from our website, telephone and corporate partners are assigned through to you.

A comprehensive training programme is carried out at our Head Office by our senior management team and an active etyres branch. Our training days cover everything you need to know to get started with your business, including sales and practical skills ranging from fitting tyres to filing VAT returns.

As an etyres franchisee you have access to lots of on-going support. The support ranges from visits by our operations team to training on new products, equipment and practices in the tyre industry.

Technology plays a vital role in running a successful business and you are provided with a laptop and software to help run your branch efficiently.

Our Head Office sales team will gather orders for you throughout the week in our fully staffed sales department. The training delivered to new franchisees will also equip you to build business for your branch locally. Our sales team will help you take advantage of all the avenues you can explore to secure sales.

Our Head Office marketing team will assist you in promoting your etyres branch. You will have access to a range of promotional items including flyers, business cards and posters. Your marketing will target potential customers throughout your area and aim to drive them to your own localised landing pages.
The training you receive also covers finance and administration. You will be given the run-down on our accounts software which has been specifically tailored for you.

Eight weeks to change your life

Our eight week set-up process enables you to start trading more quickly. The process of starting your own business is closely managed by our Franchise Team who will continue to help, guide and support you throughout. If you are looking to make a change and feel etyres is the right franchise for you, the following process is how we can get you set up and trading in such a short time:

Fill in our online form today and we will send a more detailed franchise prospectus out to you and arrange an initial call to see whether an etyres franchise is right for your needs.
After the initial call, the next step is to visit our Head Office in Cambridge and have a detailed talk with our Franchise Team. During this meeting you will have the opportunity to find out more about etyres, gain an overview of what running your own small business would entail and also ask any questions you may have.
Following on from your visit to our Head Office you will need to secure bank funding (if necessary). We offer you support throughout the bank funding process, including the development of your business plan and funding application.
Once your bank (or personal) funding is completed, you can sign your franchise agreement. You are now just a few weeks from launching your business!
After all the paperwork has been completed, your initial training will begin. Your training will cover a range of areas to ensure you can hit the ground running on the day you start trading.
After your initial intensive training course you will be ready to open your local branch, with the help and support of our dedicated Head Office team.
Franchise Owners

Start-up costs

We are delighted to introduce a new lower franchise fee and our etyresExpansion+ programme to benefit everyone looking to launch an etyres branch this year.

Our exciting new initiative means you could end up paying just £13,431* for a multi-van etyres franchise over a five-year period, because we defer 50% of our initial fee.

The deferred franchise fee means you can get your new business off the ground

Tyre fitting franchise for sale

sooner rather than later.  Payment of the outstanding balance is simply deferred for two years, by which time it will be far more affordable from your growing sales and earnings.

In addition to this, the outstanding balance can be reduced by a further £5,000 or even £10,000 if you develop your branch into a two or three van operation within five years.

Request your free 2018 information pack today.

How the etyresExpansion+ progamme works

The etyresExpansion+ initiative will provide you with the opportunity to grow your franchise business and save up to £10,000 of start-up costs.

To begin with, our start-up costs for 2018 totalled £23,431*.  This included our etyres franchise fee of £20,000, plus the other items you would need costing £3,431.

Now, thanks to the etyres Expansion+ programme, the initial sum you pay to get started has been reduced to £13,431*.  This precise figure covers the costs of everything you need to get up and running, including a van deposit, van sign writing and consumables, as well as computer equipment, stationery and uniform.

The outstanding franchise fee of £10,000 is deferred until you enter your third year of business.

Working closely with etyres Head Office and our Operations Managers, you will be supported and encouraged to grow your business into a multi-van area through marketing and local expansion.

To reward your hard work and determination, if you add an additional van to your branch in the third year of your franchise agreement, you will receive a £5,000 reduction in your remaining franchise fee.

A further £5,000 reduction will also be awarded if you add a third van during your fourth year of business.

All costs are plus 20% VAT which is reclaimable.

Purchasing your van

This is an image of etyres Carlisle

Our Franchise Team will source a new van for you that is a suitable size to house the equipment you will require and for you to operate out of. We can cover the deposit on your van if needed, to help get you on the road. You can also pay for your van on a hire purchase basis, for which we have a recommended finance company. The only thing you need to sort out is your insurance, however we can even put you in contact with our recommended insurance company.

All the tools for your van are sourced and fitted by our Franchise Team, and we also arrange the sign-writing so that when you receive your van it will be ready to go with all your equipment, including a pneumatic tyre changer, compressor, loose tools and consumables among many other pieces of fitted equipment.

Your new van will be delivered before training so that you have plenty of time to familiarise yourself with everything before you start operating.

Bank funding for franchise investment

etyres has an impressive track record of helping hopeful franchise owners secure funding from leading high street banks including HSBC, Natwest, Lloyds and RBS. Our solid business model means banks have even supported our franchise applications during recessionary times.

If you do require bank funding for franchise investment, our Franchise Team can help you explore the possibility of support from the major banks. We will offer guidance in the following areas:

  • Developing your personalised business plan
  • Creating your bank funding for franchise investment application
  • Liaising with franchise departments at the leading banks
  • Presenting your application to banks who understand and value our successful track record

Different ways to fund your franchise

Finance for your franchise can be found in several different forms.

Loan accounts are most often used for the purchase of assets where the loan will run for a longer period or a vehicle purchase where the term of the loan will be much shorter to reflect the rapid depreciation of the asset. Fixed interest rates are often available.

Asset finance can be used to fund the purchase of equipment for the business. This can help ease cash flow by spreading repayments over a period of time instead of making a one-off investment.

You are, however, in a better position than a self-employed person setting up a business from scratch. You have the backing of a proven business format and details of how similar franchisees operate to show the bank.

Franchise bank funding

etyres franchise training and development

All new etyres franchise owners undertake a comprehensive two-week training programme. You will want to get your etyres franchise up and running as soon as possible, so our two-week training course has been designed to cover all aspects of our business culture.

The two-week course has been designed to condense the wealth of knowledge we have gained over the past 20 years to prepare you for operating and running your own franchise. Operational and business development training are tailored to match all levels of experience and although it may feel intense at times, you will come away with a thorough understanding of how to run your business from the outset.

Operational training

The first week of training is spent working with an established local branch. You will be immersed in the branch from the moment you arrive and guided through the day-to-day activities involved in running your own business. The operational training has been designed on the assumption that you have no previous tyre fitting experience, so our established branch will also work with you until you feel confident that you have acquired the necessary skills to operate your franchise.

Ongoing support and training

Your operations manual is regularly updated and kept up-to-date with developments and any changes to industry policies and procedures. We have an expanding training library that can be accessed whenever you wish. New material is regularly added to this resource to ensure franchise owners are armed with the best tools to grow their business.

About etyres

With the distinction of being the UK’s first online mobile tyre fitting company, etyres continues to build its reputation as a highly respected, award-winning franchise.

Turnkey van franchise with low overheads

etyres has been at the forefront of transforming the way tyres are sold and fitted across the UK for more than 20 years. Its van-based turnkey operation is built on solid foundations which have been tried, tested and honed since the company was launched in 1992.

There are a large number of etyres branches across the UK, delivering a mobile service to customers at their home or work. Customers are able to place orders on our website or by calling the national sales team, which operates seven days a week in order to maximise sales. All tyre fitting work is carried out from a van equipped with the latest equipment, which keeps operating overheads low.

While every business faces change and tough new challenges, its success depends on its ability to adapt and evolve. etyres has been doing this for more than 20 years in an industry which has gained a reputation for being recession-proof.

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Our mission statement

To give our customers outstanding value by providing the most convenient and reliable solution for purchasing tyres.

Our core values

Our brand’s core values allow us to meet the requirements of our customers, whilst delivering on the etyres mission statement.

Honesty. We pride ourselves on offering honest value-for-money. We don’t upsell, cross-sell or push unnecessary products and services on our customers.
Convenience. Customer convenience is our main goal and we always aim to be flexible and meet customers’ requirements as part of every interaction.
Professionalism. We provide a professional and reliable service to customers.
Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to questions that we are most commonly asked about becoming an etyres franchise owner.